Here are some basic FAQs to help you if you need further information: 

Q: How do I book out my coaching program?

A: Once we have an initial chat and you decide on the best coaching option for you (there is a pay monthly option, a three month and a six month package for 1:1 coaching), you'll be able to pay for your program and do the necessary intake documentation. A minimum commitment of three months is required to get started, thereafter you can pick and choose how long you want to continue for. After you wrap up the admin, I will schedule a weekly online consultation with you, and I'll prepare your initial food and BMI assessment. After this, we'll be able to work on a plan of action for you and start our work together. 

Q: What is the ideal time frame to book out?

A: Generally, it takes about six months to start incorporating the changes we will make into your lifestyle more naturally, but where possibly, committing to six months or even a year will provide the maximum benefit for the individual. Similar to traditional fitness training, there is always more to learn and absorb, more knowledge and skill to gain for the longer you do something. So the advantage of working with a coach for a considerable amount of time, is that it can lead to a more impactful journey and better results in the long term. Additionally, you'll have ample support to see you through special events, holidays and other key life moments. Movement is an important part of this program which includes exercises that meet individuals at their current fitness levels and help them build on it. Food changes will be recommended to match movement changes, so the longer a client can commit to a coaching program, the more beneficial it will be for them. They will have the support they need to meander through multiple food/movement transitions and they will be able to sharpen their skills and knowledge as they go. 

Q: What are all the components of coaching that you will touch on? 

Initially, we will address traditional nutrition and movement practices and focus on putting your foundations in place. Once you are moving better and eating well, we can look at addressing fat loss and weight management if it is required. Whilst food is the starting point, lifestyle, fitness and wellness changes are all covered. Coaching is done to guide clients toward achieving deep health (health on the physical, mental, emotional, existential, social and environmental fronts). Helping clients eat, move and live to achieve improved energy, productivity, performance and balance is also a key part of the program. Finally, I also place a strong emphasis on incorporating stress management techniques into coaching sessions, to support clients through this journey and their day-to-day lives. All of these areas are addressed together, in varying degrees depending on what each unique client needs at the time. This three-factor approach to coaching is what makes the PEAK programs extremely effective. Through PEAK, women across the world can find a comprehensive 'one-stop' coaching solution that will support their nutrition, deep health, wellness, movement, productivity and stress management needs. The longer you keep working on these areas, the more you will blossom, come into your own, find your flow, elevate your entire self and rise to exciting new heights.