A nutrition coach walks with you on the sometimes rocky road to healthier living. 

Unlike a nutritionist, dietician or medical practitioner, a nutrition coach doesn't prescribe specific meal plans or treat any ailments. Nutritional therapy is beyond their scope of practice, however where necessary a coach will work with healthcare professionals to provide clients with the required care and support. 

A nutrition coach helps you to build sustainable clean eating habits and practices that lead to improved health, body composition and/or performance. Most importantly...on your journey of change, your nutrition coach will be beside you every step of the way. 

Guiding you, cheering you on, supporting you, checking-in with you each week throughout the process, your coach will help you to actively move toward agreed upon goals and they will also hold you accountable for them. 

The power of a coach's work lies in the fact that it is results driven. A coach won't send you off with a hard-to-obtain plan and ask you to see them in a month. No, a coach will be right there with you and they'll be an active part of your progress, working with you to ace any tasks.

Aside from addressing nutrition goals, a coach will help you identify other areas of your lifestyle that need to be considered, and will show you how to holistically improve your overall health and wellbeing.

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Hello! I'm your coach Roshenka. I'm a wife and mama who is passionate about helping women achieve deep health. I am a:      

- Certified Precision Nutrition (Level 1) Coach. Specializations: 1) Nutrition for Deep Health. 2) Sleep, Stress Management and Recovery.

I have also completed courses through Harvard Online Publishing (part of Harvard Medical School) to help support special populations better. Aside from coaching, I learn ballet, play classical music and strength train on the regular. I run community and corporate nutrition & deep health programs in Sri Lanka & Malawi and am committed to using health education to empower others. In my down time, I make a mean 'no added sugars' high tea, delve into gastronomy and moonlight as clean romance author (R.M.T. Jay) of the 'Tricked' series. 

Changing my food habits helped me to discover my physical, mental and emotional strength, and I started to thrive. I want to help other women do exactly that - plate up to power up and rise to new heights. You can get an overview of the three main areas that my coaching covers below. Combined, these three focus points deliver an impactful one-stop nutrition, health, movement, mindset and wellness solution for women of all ages. 

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Nutrition & Movement for Deep Health

Harness the power of good nutrition, sleep, hydration and movement to become healthier all-around. Deep Health addresses all key dimensions of health and my coaching always works to holistically elevate the entire person. Making better food choices and moving more are the starting points on the road to achieving long-term deep health.

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Fat Loss & Weight Management

Eat to aid your fat loss and weight management goals in a safe and responsible manner. Once your nutritional basics are in place, we will address how you can nourish yourself in a way that supports fat loss and weight management if there is a need for it. Whether you need an action plan to tackle class 1-3 obesity or a few pounds of weight loss, a plan will be made just for you.

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Mindset, Stress Management, Energy & Balance

Learn how to build a positive mindset and manage stress better on your unique journey. Tackle every-day stressors, draw on mindfulness, relaxation and recovery exercises to keep you on track as you move toward your new food, health and lifestyle goals. You will also benefit from a boost in overall mood, energy, confidence and productivity and become well-balanced.

Client Reviews

A note from Roshenka: My coaching approach is centered on offering kindness, compassion, care and support with a touch of tough love. I want my clients to develop nutrition habits that will last a lifetime, I want them to discover their inner strength and in doing so, peak in health and life. Click through to read how mothers around the world have embarked on exciting journeys of change through my Peak Nutrition programs.

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Peak Nutrition currently offers the following coaching options. All coaching focuses on nutrition but delves into movement, deep health, mindset development and stress management to help clients make long-term changes. You can read more about deep health and go over the FAQs below.

- 1:1 Online Nutrition Coaching (3 month options).

- Small Group Nutrition & Deep Health Coaching Programs (1 month starter program).

- Community Nutrition Education Services - Working with centers/universities/schools to support the nutrition coaching and health education needs of special populations particularly those who are diabetic or pre-diabetic, young people and seniors. 

- Corporate Deep Health Coaching for Women- For companies who are keen to apply the power of deep health to boost the overall wellness, performance and productivity of the women in their teams.

You're welcome to book a free call today, to find out more about how nutrition and deep health coaching can change your life.