Peak Nutrition Reviews - The Women in our Programs
  • Aug 4, 2023
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Peak Nutrition Reviews - The Women in our Programs

Find out how these incredible ladies joined the PEAK 1:1 and small group nutrition coaching programs and went on to make drastic changes to their eating and movement habits, leading to improved wellness as well as fat and weight loss in just the first few weeks of coaching. But more importantly, they also started to experience the benefits of deep health; they began to feel better, they became more energized, more productive, more focused, and were able to thrive in their day-to-day lives.

Shilpi's Story: Shipli is an active mom who loves to dance Zumba and joined the 1:1 coaching program after trying various diets that never quite fit. She wanted to get to a healthier BMI, to reduce the strain on her knees, and improve her overall nutrition. She didn't have time to create separate menus for herself and her family, and needed convenient suggestions that she could easily apply. Here's what she had to say about her experience: 

"Having gone through one-on-one coaching with Roshenka, I feel the best I have in a long time. As someone who has gone through crash diets, I wanted something that is sustainable and could be a way of life for myself and my family. With Roshenka's guidance, I have learnt practical methods to make this possible. I love how invested she was in her coaching from providing the knowledge I needed, giving food preparation tips and holding me accountable for my food choices. She was also amazing at giving me advice with regard to fitness - meeting me at my current fitness level and slowly increasing its intensity so that I could improve on my health goals holistically. I'm so glad I met Roshenka and would highly recommend her to anyone who needs guidance in achieving their wellness goals."

Joanna's Story: Joanna is stay-at-home mom on the go, who needed support on her weight management journey. She wanted a program that would suit her lifestyle. Given that she had a longer commute into the city and managed various responsibilities at home, she wanted simple action steps that she could follow that wouldn't eat into her time too much. Here's what she had to say about PEAK: 

"I want to thank Roshenka for the immense effort and level of support that she put into my progress. I really appreciate all the time and dedication, as well as the care that was provided through the entire program. Her coaching was very helpful to me; the lessons, sessions and health tips continue to help me. 
Her encouragement, motivational thoughts and positive words also pushed me to become active and to move more. Before, I felt like I was under pressure because I just couldn't lose weight, but now I finally feel physically and mentally free."

Whilst the 1:1 program is the most impactful option for working toward a specific goal or result, occasionally small group coaching sessions are run over the course of a month, to create better awareness about healthy eating practices. These programs only introduce participants to health and nutrition education as well as the concept of nutrition coaching, and they are then able to transition into a 1:1 program to build on their progress. 

Dilanie's Story: Dilanie is a busy mama who has to manage the demands of community and professional work whilst taking care of her family. She was looking for a coaching experience that would help her eat better and most importantly, improve her movement levels after an injury, here's what she had to say about her experience: 

"Roshenka, I really can’t put down to words the impact you have made for me. Through this coaching experience with you, I have found a better version of myself and I am absolutely enjoying it. I love the fact that eating healthy has not made me feel like I am losing out on the foods I used to enjoy or that I am deprived of it. I am just simply making better choices for myself."

Sarah's Story: Sarah is an art teacher who joined group coaching to learn more about healthy eating in general, she however experienced a direct impact on her health after changing her eating habits and incorporating better sleep and regular exercise into her daily routine. Here is a note that she penned out:

"Dear Roshenka, Thank you for outlining an exercise and nutrition program just for me. I am finally seeing results on the weighing scale! My body feels great and what I am most happy about is that by eating better, I was able to get off the gastric medication that I was taking for years. I am so excited because I have already lost a total of 2.2kg and I'm having fun buying smaller sizes of clothes and fitting into old ones I had dearly missed. I have been telling all my friends about this program, thank you for helping me lose weight, and mostly thank you for your support. You are a great coach, thank you again."

Nutrition and deep health coaching has the power to make a transformative impact in the lives of women regardless of their age, fitness level, and the challenges they may be facing. To find out how my coaching can help you, I encourage you to book a free 15 minute call with me by filling in the form on the home page. I look forward to talking and working with you to reach a new peak in health, wellness, nutrition and life.